Billing application to generate invoices with GST

If you are registered under GST and supplying goods or services or both, then you have to issue a tax invoice which should follow the compulsory requirements specified under law. The tax invoice issued by you to your client or customer should contain the details required by law. A tax invoi... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 31/07/2017 under GST-Invoice


GST Invoice format in Excel and PDF

The government notified rules for a tax invoice. A tax invoice issued by a registered person should contain details as required. I have drafted an invoice in MS Excel and PDF format, which you can use for reference purpose. Alternatively, you can use online invoicing software for GST. Downl... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 12/05/2017 under GST-Invoice


जीएसटी बीजक केसे बनाये? - GST tax invoice in hindi

अगर आप चिन्तित हैं की GST BILL KESE BANAYE तो आप बिलकुल सही लेख पे आए हैं। मेरा ये लेख आपकी सारी चिंता दूर कर देगा। में आपको GST के तहत बनाए जाने वाले BILL यानी की TAX INVOICE की पूरी जानकारी दूँगा और साथ में ही ये भी बताऊँगा की कोनसा SOFTWARE आप इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं। GST TAX Invoice में ... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 25/06/2017 under GST-Invoice


How to generate GST tax invoice?

I will show you how to generate bills of supply and Tax Invoice. A Tax invoice is very important document, you must posses invoices of your purchases/inward supplies to claim input credit, in same manner your buyer should have the valid tax invoice to claim input tax credit. Many people who ar... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 12/06/2017 under GST-Invoice


Bill of supply and invoice for GST composition levy scheme

Those who have opted for composition scheme needs to provide a bill of supply instead of a tax invoice. Section 31 of CGST Act, contains the provision for issuing invoice for supply of goods or supply of services. If you are paying tax under composition scheme, you are not required to issue a ... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 14/05/2017 under GST-Invoice

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