Tax Invoice, Debit and Credit Notes
Tax invoice.- Subject to rule 54, a tax invoice referred to in section 31 shall be issued by the registered person containing the following particulars, namely,- (1) Name, Address and Goods and Services Tax Identification Number of the supplier; (2) a consecutive serial number not exceed... Click to read full article

Suresh Paramasivam 24/07/2019 under GST

A taxpayer whose turnover is below Rs 1.5 crore can opt for Composition Scheme. In case of North-Eastern states and Himachal Pradesh, the limit is now Rs 75* lakh. Before making a decision to choose a composition scheme, it is necessary that The following conditions must be satisfied in order ... Click to read full article

Manoj Agarwal 11/04/2019 under GST

Decoding GST Number
GST Number or GSTIN is a 15 digit identity given to business and service providers registered under GST (Goods and Services Tax). Every registered person is issued a valid GST Number to comply with GST laws. GST Number is public information about any business and one can easily find details of... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 08/04/2019 under GST

Simplified GST Returns Forms: Normal (RET 1), Sahaj (RET 2), Sugam (RET 3)
CBIC has uploaded the amended/ simplified GST Return forms on the GST Portal, i.e. Normal (RET 1), Sahaj (RET 2) and Sugam (RET 3), which are likely to be applicable from 1 July 2019 (2nd quarter of FY 2019-20), in view of the fact that CBIC has already notified the existing GST return forms for ... Click to read full article

Manoj Agarwal 26/03/2019 under GST

Here is some good news for tax-paying businesses in India. 28th GST council meet held on 21st of July 2018 has introduced a simple GST return filing system for the taxpayers. The government has introduced Sahaj and Sugam forms for filing GST returns. In this article, we’ve explained h... Click to read full article

Manoj Agarwal 26/03/2019 under GST

GST Verfication API with Contact Details
KnowYourGST is the leading provider of APIs to verify any GST number. Within a short span of time KnowYourGST has got leading companies as its clients. However, we keep getting lot of requests for API to provide even contact details of tax payers. Many businesses are asking us to to include co... Click to read full article

GST Payer 17/12/2018 under GST

It is a simple tool for generating GST E-WAY Bills using offline facility. The original tool provided by National Informatics Centre Bengaluru has been added with a facility for adding Master List Page and a Entrydata page. Rest of them are the same. Master List Page It is the first... Click to read full article

Shijoy James 07/12/2018 under GST

GST Annual Return 9 Guide
GST Annual Return is the final return for a financial year that taxpayers have to file every year regardless of their turnover. Annual returns is a requirement that is mandated by GST laws. What is Annual Return GSTR-9 under GST? Annual Return is a summary of GST transactions done by a r... Click to read full article

ALI AHMED KHAN 07/12/2018 under GST

There are confusion whether all the Registered GSTP's need to clear the exam. In this article I have tried to analyse the provisions of Act and throw light on whether GSTP exam is applicable to everyone or only few. As per provisions of GST Act, Its to be cleared that only those perso... Click to read full article

ALI AHMED KHAN 24/11/2018 under GST

GST Practitioner Exam
GST practitioners need to pass an exam to continue their practice. This exam is conducted by The National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN). As per provisions of GST acts, this examination is valid. Here are details about GST practitioner exam. What is GST Practiti... Click to read full article

GST News 21/11/2018 under GST

GST APIs For Developers
GSTN (Goods and Service Tax Network), the company which handles technological part of GST has issued various APIs for developers to build applications and help in compliance. Before we understand various APIs and how you can access these APIs, lets understand the purpose for which APIs are issued... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 17/11/2018 under GST

Top 5 GST Softwares
INTRODUCTION: Goods and services tax (GST) is an indirect tax imposed in India on the supply of goods and services. The tax came into origin from July 1, 2017. GST is charged at every stage in the production process, but is pay back to all parties in the chain of production over than the final... Click to read full article

Keval Shah 29/08/2018 under GST

Never File Wrong GSTR-1

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