Tuition fee and child education allowance exemption under section 10 and 80C

It is better to plan your income tax liability in advance. If you are in employment you can plan your income for maximum tax benefits. One of the main expenditure that you can claim as a deduction is tuition fee you pay for your children. You can take double benefit for your child's edu... Click to read full article

GST Payer 05/11/2017 under Income-Tax


Income Tax calculator and slab rates for FY 2017-18 (AY 2018-19)

INCOME TAX CALCULATOR FOR FY 2017-18 (AY 2018-19) INCOME FOR THE YEAR Deductions (LIC, PPF, etc...) NET - TAXABLE INCOME TAX ON TOTAL INCOME ... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 22/10/2017 under Income-Tax