Why you should invest in public provident fund (PPF)?
If you are employed in a company, you must be paying provident fund from your salary. Normally in case of employees, employer deduct PF every month and remit. But, in case of self employed, Public Provident Fund or PPF is best option for retirement planning. I love PPF for many reasons. ... Click to read full article

GST Payer 24/03/2018 under Investment

Life Insurance as an investment
Do you believe insurance is an investment? Have you invested heavily in investment products? If you have invested in insurance for investment purpose, you have done a mistake. Insurance is never an investment option and insurance was never meant to be an investment like stock market or r... Click to read full article

GST Payer 24/03/2018 under Investment

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana
Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana or SSY is a scheme targeted towards saving money for welfare of girl child. I will advice every parent to open an account for their girl child. We live in a society where people spend more on girls marriage than her studies. It is very important to provide girl chi... Click to read full article

Pulkit Sharma 19/12/2017 under Investment

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