Complete procedure to GST registration

The procedure to register under GST is made simple. As per me compared to earlier laws, registration under GST is simplest. I have tried to cover the registration provision of CGST ACT, 2017 as well as Registration rules along with application rules to provide a guide on registering your busin... Click to read full article

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GST Reverse Charge mechanism and rules with accounting entries

Reverse charging mechanism a procedural way of discharging tax liabilities and formalities by buyer of services or goods or both instead of seller. For example, a transaction will be considered as reverse charge if tax is payable by buyer instead of seller. GST reverse charging provisions a... Click to read full article

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Trading with unregistered person under GST and levy under reverse charge

A registered person is one who has registered under GST and unregistered person is one who is not registered under GST. This is a simple definition of registered and unregistered person in a layman language. As a registered person to comply correctly with GST law, you must understand certain... Click to read full article

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Complete guide on online sellers on E-commerce platforms under GST

Most of the E-commerce operators or E-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. are making loss on their operations, instead sellers who sell online using these platform services are profitable. Selling online is fast catching business, as per various studies most of the retai... Click to read full article

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A guide on registration under GST

Section 22 of CGST Act, 2017 contains the provisions on liability to register under the act. As per section 22, following persons are liable to get registered: Every supplier who make a taxable supplies for more than Rs. 20 Lakhs in a financial year, however for the person making supply from s... Click to read full article

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