Loan from bank project report format for trading business in excel

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If you have started a new business or expending an existing business, you need to prepare project report to get financing from a bank or any other financial institution.

It is not always expending the business or starting a business that requires external financing but also working capital requirement warrants for a financial assistance.

You can download format given in excel from link given below in this article. You can also take help of KnowyourGST team in preparing your project report.

Normally when you apply for a loan from bank, you are asked for different set of documents. I am listing few key documents that banks require you to provide them.

  1. Project Report
  2. Income Tax filing documents
  3. Financial statements
  4. Details of existing liabilities

These are the key documents that any bank will ask before sanctioning a loan.

What is a project report?

Project report is a detailed statement which lists down the upcoming costs and revenues covering quantitative and qualitative aspects of the project being considered for reporting.

This was a layman explanation and for financing purpose. Different type of project reports are prepared for different purpose.

What details should be covered in a project report for bank loan?

A project report should contain key matters such as details about project, capital requirement, utilization of funds, expected return on investment, break even period, expected revenue and expenses over a period of time.

To be straight forward, a project report should be appealing enough to sanctioning authority to sanction your loan.

In some cases, banks do not require a details project report, instead they are happy with 2 sheets of projected profit &loss account and balance sheet.

Project report format in excel

You can download and use this format of project report for your personal use. This project report format was used by me for preparing project report for one of my client.

The client was a trading business. You can use it for any other business too, it is not limited to only trading business.

Download project report in excel for bank loan.

How to use excel project report format?

First download the excel file and save it on your system.

Open the downloaded excel project report file.

You will see different tabs in the file. The different tabs in file are:

  • Cover Page
  • Index
  • Project At Glance
  • Cost
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Cash
  • Balance Sheet
  • Depreciation
  • BEP
  • Interest
  • Annexure - Debt coverage ratio
  • Annexure - Return on Investment
  • Assumptions

You need to fill the details in each sheet. Most of the formulas are automated and calculation will be done automatically.

In cover page, provide covering details.

Index has the listing of different sections of this reports.

Project at Glance tab is for details of projects and promoters.

Cost tab contains details of cost and utilization summary.

Profit and Loss statement is for revenue and expenses details for running and future periods.

Balance sheet tab is for Balance sheet.

Other tabs are self explanatory, if you have any doubt, leave a comment, I will guide on usage.

Project report for Mudra loan, Cash credit or OD, working capital

You can use this format for taking Mudra loan or availing Cash Credit (CC) or overdraft facility.

The attached project report contains many tabs but for Mudra loan you may need a simple format and for this you can remove other tabs except balance sheet and profit and loss statements.

Similarly you can use this format for taking OD and CC facilities from Banks.

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Thank you sir to have this project in xl format and also video. My humble request, if you provide the lessons in English in the video will be more useful like me to understand. I am facing the same problems with GST related videos in all other sites. hoping the same

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To be honest. I want to do videos in English but issue is that most of the information on internet is in English and you hardly find any good content in Hindi.
The videos I make in Hindi are to increase the information base in a language that most of the people understand.
From next videos I will try to use both English and Hindi.

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Thank you sir for your good tutorial. It was really helpful to me, being dummy in this field. Looking forward for more tutorials. Jai Hind.

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Good morning sir,

Thank your very much for the project report ...kindly share your email id so i can mail you project report because i am unable to prepare balance sheet

Comment by Pulkit Sharma

This is a format I use for my clients. You will have to prepare on your own. If you need professional help from me or anyone else it will be charged.

Comment by Ravi Kiran Kaligotla

Very useful information and empowers us. Thank you so very much for your time, efforts and so thoughtful initiative

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Thank you Ravi for your appreciation. You can use this format to prepare project report for your business loan.
Do share with others.

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i cant find the excel project report format.kindly guide me

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There is Download link in article. Check big blue link.

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Thank u Pulkit ji...i got it..Will contact u if service is needed

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This is good format for bank loans and can be used for Mudra loan or any other financial assistance from banks or financial institutes.

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Hello, Could you post a report for an IT Startup??? PLEEESE

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