What is Project Report?

Project Report is a statement giving details of your project. Generally a project report contains quantitative details of your financial venture.

When you apply for a bank loan or any financial assistance from any financial institute, you need to provide a document which contain details such as:

  • Requirements of funds
  • Utilisation of funds
  • Future cash generation
  • Financial viability of project

If you have started a new business or expanding an existing business, you will need to prepare a project report to avail loan or overdraft or cash credit facility from bank. We can help you prepare your project report.

Project report for Bank loan, Overdraft (OD), Cash Credit (OD)

Whether you apply for a bank loan, overdraft or Cash Credit facility, you need to provide a project report to bank.

Normally a bank will require following documents from your when you apply for loan or any other facility.

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Financial statements, and
  • Project Report

We can help you to prepare your project report.

So far we have prepared more than 1,000 projects reports. You can be next to get a loan from bank.

Our clients have raised money from major banks

So far our clients have raised funds from many banks. We have prepared project report for clients applied for loan from major private and public banks.

We will issue project reports in 2 formats.

One format will be simple and another will be detailed one.

Normally if your loan amount is very small, banks will ask for a small project report having Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account.

Bigger the project, higher the requirements will be.

Below are some of the banks, where our clients applied for loan and their proposal was successfully approved.

  • State Bank of India (SBI)
  • Punjab National Bank (PNB)
  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Yes Bank
  • Citi Bank and many others

We have prepared project reports, which were accepted by all major banks. Small banks deal in small financial arrangement, and our simple format will be best suitable for them.

Contents of Project Report

Your report will contain following details.

  • Cover page,
  • Index page,
  • Qualitative details of project
  • Source of funds
  • Utilization of funds
  • Projected Financial statements
  • Interest calculation
  • ROI, Loan repayment schedule
  • Basis of Estimations

We take care that project report will meet requirements of all major banks. You will have option to revise your project report in case Bank requires details in a prescribed format.

We will help you to understand requirements of bank.

Process for Online Project Report for bank loan

You first have to fill the form given in your right hand side. We need only your e-mail id and mobile number to get started.

Cost of work will be Rs. 4,000 + 720 (18% GST), total cost will be Rs. 4,720. If you are registered under GST then you will be able to claim input credit and final cost will be Rs. 4,000. 

Once you have filled the form and made the payment, we will receive your order. You will get a detailed mail from our side for the information we require to complete your work.

Your work will be completed within 2 working days, after we receive all details from you.

Complete work will be handled online and you do not have to visit our office anytime.

We will be communicating with you through mail and mobile.

We will prepare 2 formats and both will be mailed to your mail id within 2 days.

Project Report

Let KnowyourGST team prepare your project report. 2 formats will be provided, accepted by every bank.

Online Project Report application Form

Rs. 4000.

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