Kerala needs support from you!!!

Kerala is badly fighting with natural disastor. People are facing heavy rains and flood. From 10 days people are in dire need of support from us.

As a fellow citizen it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters in Kerala. KnowyourGST has decided to donate food, cloaths and daily requirements to people of Kerala. We need your support.

With your help, we can provide basic help to people in Kerala. If you feel you need to support them please consider a donation.

You can donate any amount from Rs. 500 to your generacity.

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We need your support to reach target.

We have received Rs. 14501 so far. We need to reach to 10,00,000 with your help. We will update this status after every 2 hours.

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Plans to Help Kerala

We have set a target to distribute 1000 T-shirts, food for 1000 people and water bottles for 10000 people. We can achieve this target by getting a donation for Rs. 10 lakhs. Your small contribution can help us to reach our target.

Please come forward to help our fellow citizens who are in dire need of our support. We never know if tomorrow we may face same problem. Creating a helping enviroment ensures that everyone gets help when required.

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