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Generate beautiful invoices, record receipts. Book purchase invoices, record payments. Keep track of your payables and receivables along with bank reconcialiations. Track reports from anywhere and anytime.

I use KYG-Invoicing for my office. I can generate invoices from anywhere. Download in PDF, sign digitally and mail to clients. Tracking due balances is very easy. Record receipts from customers and at given point of time you will have details of balance due from each client. It takes 5 minutes to file my GST returns. GSTR-1 data is readymade and you have to download it with a single click. GSTR-2 is also easy to file.

Billing Software
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Why us?

Designed, Coded and Maintained by a team of Chartered Accountants.


Easy to setup

It takes less than a minute to generate first invoice.


No Installation

You do not have to install any software. Everything ready to use.


Online Support

Face any issue, people are here to help you. Ask on QA or chat online.


Highly Secured

Your data is highly secured using industry standard security measures.


Useful Reports

Get automated ready to use reports. Taking a business decision was never so easy.


Taxes and Legal

Filing GST returns is made easy. Generate Sales, Purchase reports and file your returns.


For Everyone

No accounting knowledge required, you can use and generate invoices even if you have zero accounting knowledge.


Made in India

Proudly developed keeping Indian users at focus. Support in Hindi and other Indian languages.


Free and updated

We keep updating our technologies and logics to keep you ahead of curve and its free.


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Getting Started - केसे शुरुआत करे

Welcome to GST cloud based Billing Application!!!

You can generate invoices using this application. If you are using this application for first time, simple steps to generate an invoice are:

  1. First update your company details by clicking on Add/Edit Company
  2. Create products by clicking on Add Product
  3. Create customers by clikcing on Add Customer
  4. Click on Create Invoice to create invoices
  5. Click on Create Bill of Supply to create Bill of supply

All your data is safely stored on our cloud servers and are safe. You can login to your account anytime from anywhere and generate GST compliant invoices.

For any help or reporting any bug/error, Ask a question on this website with tag "KYG-Invoicing".

Our mission "You should be able to create invoices in less than 30 seconds."

Why you should use invoicing application?

You must be thinking, why should you use an invoicing application when your accounting software can generate invoices for you!!!

You are right, if you can manage with your accounting software we recommend that you keep using your accounting software for generating invoices.

But, this invoicing app is launched to help those who wants to have freedom of generating invoices from anywhere and anytime.

What you will do if your accountant is absent and you need to make an invoice urgently or what if your system got corrupted or your accounting software starts behaving odd? Good if you know accounting and are familiar with your accounting software and you are not dependent on your accountant for generating invoices.

But if you are looking for an easy solution, where you do not have to depend on anyone to generate invoices. You are at right place.

We have created this invoicing application by taking the invoicing module of Tiktant. Tiktant is a fully fledged accounting software.

Using invoice data for filing GST-Returns and uploading outward supplies or sales details

Every month you need to upload your sales data on GST portal. This is most important step in GST returns. Your credibility depends on correct information submission. If you miss any invoice of a customer, your customer will not be able to take input credit of tax paid. This will negatively impact your business.

Using this invoicing application you can be assured of accurate report. We have implemented controls to make sure that you cannot delete an invoice, or create a duplicate invoice. For example, if you have generated an invoice with serial number 1. You cannot generate another invoice with same serial number neither you can delete the invoice.

This is one example of several controls we have to prevent any mismatch in information uploaded by you with information uploaded by your customers.

Bonus point is that at any time of month you can generate a file which will contain all the details required for submission return filing.

Our aim is that anyone using this invoicing application should not waste his precious time while filing the sales information with GSTN.

How to account invoices generated using knowyourgst invoicing application in another accounting software?

Whether traditional or well research accounting concepts, you are supposed to have a sales register. This invoicing application will work as sales register for your business.

Even if you consider biggest ERP software a sales entry is posted in accounting module and not all details of invoice are passed.

If you are using Tally or any other accounting software such as Tiktant for your accounting purpose, you can post an entry as:

Receivables A/c  Dr.
Revenue A/c      CR.
CGST output A/c  Cr.
SGST Output A/c  Cr.

Alternatively, you can download your monthly, daily or weekly invoice data and upload it into your accounting software. Data can be downloaded into excel or csv format and most of desktop based accounting software support these formats for uploading of data.

Difference between GST invoice and Bill of Supply

GST invoice or tax invoice is a document that should be issued by a tax payer when supplied taxable goods or taxable services. However, in some cases a taxable person need to issue Bill of supply and not tax invoice. For example, tax payers who opted composition scheme are required to furnish Bill of supply instead of a tax invoice.

A tax invoice should contain rate of CGST, rate of CGST or rate of IGST and also tax charged, however bill of supply does not contain tax details.