Search GST number by Name or PAN

Type Taxpayer name or pan along with state to search GST number. You can search GST number by name or PAN. We are innovating ways to provide you best solution for making your GST compliance simple and easy. We were the first to launch GST number search by name facility. We make and others copy us.

Search GST number by name of person. You can also search with PAN number of the person. Same person may have different gst numbers in different states. To check GST number of a state, type "First few letters of name and state name"

What is the GST Number?

GST Number or GSTIN is a 15 digit tax identification number issued by the government to registered taxpayers.

Every person whether individual, company or partnership firm who register under GST are issued an identification number. This number is called the GST Number.

The GST number is referred to as GSTIN.

What is the full form of GSTIN?

Full form of GSTIN is Goods and Services Tax Identification Number. GSTIN is a GST registration number issued to registered taxpayers.

How to obtain GSTIN?

To get GSTIN one has to be registered under GST. You can get GSTIN by registering under GST and become a registered tax payer.

Process to get GSTIN is:

  • First, obtain PAN

  • Apply for GST registration

  • Upload relevant documents

What is the structure of a GST Number?

GSTIN consists of 15 digits. These are 15 alphanumeric characters and each character has specific purpose.

  • First 2 digits : State code

  • 3-12 alphanumeric characters : PAN of person

  • 13 digit : Number of registrations in a single state

  • 14 alphabate : Z, common for all

  • 15 alphabet or number: Check sum and unused as of now.

First 2 digits represent the state of registration. Next 10 characters represent the PAN number of the GSTIN holder. Next is a digit which shows the number of registration against a single PAN number in a state. Next is Z which is common for all. In the end it's either an alphabet or a number which is unused as of now.

How to verify the GST Number?

GSTIN can be verified online at KnowYourGst. You can use the GST verification tool released by to verify any GST number.

Alternatively, the GST number can be verified on the GST portal also.

However KnowYourGST also provides option to find GST numbers with Name and PAN.

How to search GST numbers by name?

Steps to search for GSTIN using name are as follows.

  • Visit GST by name search tool

  • Type the name of company, person or firm

  • Click on search button

  • Add state name to search within state

Though we have made it very simple to retrieve GSTIN by name but it is possible that a company, person or firm may have registration in more than one state. To find exact GST number, type name along with the state name.

How to search GST number by PAN?

To search for the GST number using the PAN of a person, company or firm, follow the steps below.

  • Visit KnowyourGST search tool

  • Type PAN of the business

  • Click on search button

  • Results will be displayed.

You can also add the state name along with the PAN number to find details within a state.