Section 40 Discharge of indorser's liability. of NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT, 1881

Discharge of indorser's liability.

40. Where the holder of a negotiable instrument, without the consent of the indorser, destroys or impairs the indorser's remedy against a prior party, the indorser is discharged from liability to the holder to the same extent as if the instrument had been paid at maturity.


A is the holder of a bill of exchange made payable to the order of B, which contains the following indorsements in blank—

First indorsement, "B".

Second indorsement, "Peter Williams".

Third indorsement, "Wright & Co."

Fourth indorsement, "John Rozario".

This bill A puts in suit against John Rozario and strikes out, without John Rozario's consent, the indorsements by Peter Williams and Wright & Co. A is not entitled to recover anything from John Rozario.

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