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Find GST HSN Codes with Tax Rates

Here you can search HS Code of all products, we have curated list of available HS code with GST website. The procedure to find HS Code with tax rate is very simple. In above box you need to type discription of product/service or HS Code and a list of all products with codes and tax rates will be displayed.

HS Code and tax rate for services

You can use this very same form above to search HS Codes and tax rates for services also. For example, to find HS Code and tax rate for loading and unloading charges, type loading charges in above box and click on search button.

What is HS Code?

HS Code is internationally accepted format of coding to describe a product. All around the world same HS codes are used to discribe a product. You can use 4 digit HS code to generate your invoices.

GST rates for all HS codes

You can search GST tax rate for all products in this search box. You have to only type name or few words or products and our server will search details for you. Tax rates are sourced from GST website and are updated from time to time.

Note: You are adviced to double check rates with GST rate book. We update rates whenever possible and at earliest, however there may be chance of delayed updation.

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