Forthcoming Changes In E-Waybill System (Date: 25-03-2019)

Reported under GST on 29/03/2019

The National Informatics Centre (“NIC”) has made new changes in E-Way Bill System dated March 25, 2019, which will be made effective in Next Version which will be implemented...

Gstr-3b Due Date Is Extended

Reported under GST on 20/02/2019

Due date to file GSTR-3B which was today has been extended to 22 Feb 2019.

We have been following this matter closely and decision came after KnowYourGST twitted the difficulties faced...

Gst Registration Turnover Limit To Be Increased To 40 Lakhs

Reported under GST on 10/01/2019

In GST council meeting conducted today the major decision was to give relief to small traders.

For those dealing in Goods, turnover limit for GST registration is increased to Rs. 40 la...

What Is Wrong With Gst Council? A Bad Move To Further Damage Government Reputation.

Reported under GST on 03/01/2019

GST council in its recent meeting decided to waive late filing fee for return from July 2017 to September 2018. However, the decision benefited those who did not file returns yet.


Due Date To File Gst Annual Returns Extended Fruther To June 2019 And Other Favorable Decisions

Reported under GST on 22/12/2018

GST council in meeting held on 22 December 2018 has decided to extended due date to file GST Annual...

31st Gst Council Meeting Rate Cut Highlights

Reported under GST on 22/12/2018

Today on 22/12/2018, 31st council meeting was conducted. Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of India briefed about key points of meeting. The major highlight of meeting was rate cuts of v...

Mobile App To Search And Verify Gst Numbers

Reported under GST on 21/12/2018

KnowyourGST has been a leading provider of innovative products to make life better of Indian Tax Payers. We were the first to launch facility to search

These Things Will Get Cheaper After Gst Council Meeting

Reported under GST on 21/12/2018

Good news for consumers as prices will be cut down for most of items falling within 28% rate slab as government is planning to bring most of the items under 18% rate slab.

The upcoming...

Gst Server Down Again, Taxpayers Agry

Reported under GST on 20/12/2018

Today is last date to file GSTR-3B returns and GST portal is gone on sleep.

The portal is not responding and error messages are being thrown for different returns and tax payers.


3 Caught In A Gst Fraud Of Rs. 687 Crores

Reported under GST on 20/12/2018

One more GST fraud case has been caught in Mumbai. The quantum of fraud is amounted at Rs. 687 crore.

The case is related to

Gstn Will Soon Start Sending Notices For Mismatch Of Returns

Reported under GST on 18/12/2018

GSTN is working on Business intelligence tools to compare data of various returns filed by Tax payers and scrutinize details. Tweet my finance minister of India Arun Jaitley indicates that Tax P...

Fake Invoices Fraud Detected Affecting 200 Crore Igst

Reported under GST on 18/12/2018

GST department has detected a fraud which could be around 200 crore. Officials have stated that bogus trading of around 1100 crore was carried out by multiple firms in state of Madhya Pradesh, G...

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