What Is Wrong With Gst Council? A Bad Move To Further Damage Government Reputation.

Reported under GST on 03/01/2019

GST council in its recent meeting decided to waive late filing fee for return from July 2017 to September 2018. However, the decision benefited those who did not file returns yet.

Those who have already filed the return and paid late filing fee are feeling cheated.

Once again we are wondering, is everything right?

Why GST council decided to waive fee for those who never filed returns? This decision is not only dangerous to encourage people from filing returns on time but also rewarding defaulters.

Those who have already filed the returns late and paid heavy late filing fee will not be refunded. There is no provision to refund the late filing fee unless law itself is changed and a notification is issued.

We spoke to various professionals and also visited few Facebook profiles to capture the views.

gst late fee waived

Further, in our opinion this is a really bad decision taken by GST council. They should refund the late filing fee to those who have already filed return by paying late filing fee.

We are looking at this story and will keep you updated with any progress.

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