Gstr9 And Gstr-9c For Fy 2017-18 Extended

Reported under GST on 17/12/2019

Due date for Annual Return in form GSTR9 and GSTR9C is extended to 31/01/2020. Out news is again correct. Believe us, believe our sources.

As per our sources GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C annual return due data is to be extended again by 1 month. The revised due date will be 31/01/2020.

World is moving ahead and we are stuck in 2017-18. GST Annual Return in form GSTR-9 and Audit report in GSTR-9C has been a pain for both tax payers and government.

GST law was enacted even before technological set up was done, GST which was supposed to be completely E-governed was enacted without proper tech frameworks.

Due to unplanned enactment of law, tax payers were gifted with a broken platform to file return and they have to submit a lot of information which may not even make any sense.

GST is implemented with No options to revise any returns, no option to correct mistakes.

I have interviewed more than 50 consultants and out of these 48 are waiting for announcement to enable revision of returns. 45 consultants said they missed to upload few sales invoices and now there is no option to upload the invoices.

Government from time of GST implementation has treated tax payers poorly, government and GST council can commit mistakes but tax payers are expected to be god level.

2017-18 being the first year of GST and no option to correct mistakes, government should withdraw it. Annual return will not make any sense when underlying data itself is wrong but does not result in any tax additional tax liability. In place of annual return government should allow revision of returns and payment of additional tax, if any.

GST council, tech team, finance ministry is still confused over the format of annual returns and audit report. They keep deferring form releasing dates. Now again the simplified form is not yet released.

The upcoming GST council meeting will consider the extension possibility and as per sources extension is already considered and announcement will be made soon.

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