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Menon Nk
watch_later 3 years, 6 months ago

Dear Experts,

We had to pay IGST, SGST and CGST liability of July. And had Input Tax credit under CGST and IGST.

What we did :
1) Output IGST Rs 22869 2) Output SGST Rs 4547 3)Output CGST Rs 4547
Less: CGST ITC Rs 900 Less: SGST ITC Rs 0 Less: CGST ITC Rs 0
Less: SGST ITC Rs 900 Less: IGST ITC Rs 0 Less: IGST ITC Rs 0
Total IGST Paid Rs 21069 Total SGST Paid Rs 4547 Total CGST Paid Rs 4547

Total Amount paid through Cash : 30163/-
Now trying to set off the ITC of 1800(ie 900+900) against IGST was not possible because of the ITC rule. Hence we used Rs 900 each to set off SGST and CGST liabilty and also showed SGST and CGST paid through cash as Rs 4547/ each. Doing this the CGST and SGST balance is showing as -900/- each and IGST is showing 1800/-. Since overall Balance liability was showing as Zero we tried to complete the filing but the gst portal was showing that we have to first clear the lability before filing. Hence we paid the IGST balance of Rs 1800/- and tried to set off the liability. Doing so it showed the following errors :
While entering to enter Rs 1800/- paid in cash "You cannot pay more than the Central tax payable amount which is Rs -900."
While off-setting : "Either balance in cash/credit ledger is not sufficient to set-off the liability or the amount declared to be utilized from cash/credit ledger is not equal to the total liability. Please verify and then proceed to set-off the liability."

What can be done now?
Balance payable is showing as zero but filing is not complete, will this attract penalty or interest?

Please help
Thanks in advance
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1 Answer

GST Payer watch_later 3 years, 6 months ago

Pulkit released a very good tool to check your liability before making payment of tax.

Download it from article on GSTR-3B.

Everyone is suggested to use this tool to check the liability for making correct payments.

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