watch_later 01/07/17

Upto what amount i can issue sale invoice in cash.. in interstate.. and state sale

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watch_later 01/07/17

Maximum sale in cash.. some says not more then 10000.. 

watch_later 10/08/17

Rules in this regard is guided by IT Act , which has been rightly answered as referred by you

watch_later 01/07/17

You have to charge GST on invoice amount.

For example, If you supplied goods for 100 Rs. then charge GST on 100.

If you received 100 Rs. including GST, then do the reverse formula.

100/(100+gst rate)*GST rate

For example if your GST rate is 5%, and you received 100 Rs., then bill amount should be 100/105%*5%

Rs. 95.23 will be bill amount and 4.77 be tax amount.

Round off for non decimal numbers.

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