Getting "System Error" On Filing Gstr 3b

Weby d
watch_later 3 years ago

Hi there,

I was trying to filling gstr3b from 20th Feb 2018 and after clicking "Make the payment/Post to credit ledger" the site show "system error" msg and then nothing happens.. and "Proceed to file" is always shows inactive.

Note: I am filing the nil rated outward supplies hence there is no liability or tax.

Please help.

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2 Answers

Pulkit Sharma watch_later 3 years ago

It seems to be server error.

Clear cookies and cache from your system (Press CTR+SHIFT+R). Try to save the form and then proceed with payment to setoff liabilities.

I filed my return today and it was working.

You can also lodge a complaint with GST self help.

Weby d watch_later 3 years ago

Thank you its working now!

also I would like now about filling gstr2  as there is no notices or dates given to file on the GST website.. though I do not have any inwards supplies details.. Do I still need to file gstr2?

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    You should ask a separate question. You used answer box for commenting. - Pulkit Sharma
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