Gst Input Tax Reversal On Goods Sent As Free Samples

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watch_later 3 years, 9 months ago

Whether input tax credit can be fully availed on goods purchased and then sent as free samples?

Whether partial ITC to be reversed or full credit needs to be reversed?

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Rahul Rai watch_later 3 years, 9 months ago

Section 17(5)(h) of CGST act specifically have mentioned that goods supplied for free, for them ITC has to be reversed.

So if any goods or products supplied for free whether as a sample, or destroyed or lost, Input Tax Credit will not be available.

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    If the Registered Dealer (RD) is a trader, if he uses some goods for his personal use, he can reduce the ITC to the level of his consumption from the Input GST Paid. But if the RD is a manufacturer, and the owner uses some Finished Product for his personal consumption, how will the ITC Reduction be calculated, especially if the raw materials are of both exempted goods and various tax rates ? - Basheer PM
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