Gst Late Filing Fee To Be Deferred Till March 2018

Pulkit Sharma
watch_later 3 years, 4 months ago

As we all are aware that if GST returns are not filed on time, there is a late filing penalty of 200 Rs. for each day of delay.

I would like to bring the following points to the notice of government:

  1. GST system was not working efficiently and it is not working even now.
  2. GST being a new concept for many and provision such as RCM were totally new for most of the tax payers, accounting and filing is taking time.
  3. Professionals had to get trained first to handle their clients returns. There was no proper training from GST department for smooth implementation of return filing
  4. Error in system such as DSC issue, site not available, delay in processing of data saved etc. are further consuming more time.
  5. Confusion on returns to be filed and due dates.

Government is still not clear on many things and so are tax payers.

When government did not gave any fee to tax payers for making them seat in front of a faulty website, how can it claim late filing fee from tax payers.

Tax payers are at loss, first because of improper implementation of GST and now because of late filing fee.

I request everyone to sign the following petition to make our voice to GOI to remove late filing fee for initial 6 months at least.

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    of course. The System must be fool proof in order to gain the authority to penalise the subjects - Vasanth Shanker
    Please sign the petition, click on Read more and sign the petition at - Pulkit Sharma
    Got only 64 signs till now. If we will not sign it, do not expect any result. - Pulkit Sharma
    i have my support regarding this matter - Lakshmi Sankar
3 Answers

Vijay Viatla watch_later 3 years, 4 months ago

Penalizing has to be there to eliminate any laziness or carelessness. But here it is done with the assumption that the GST system is PERFECT and its the Business Personals who are IMPERFECT.

Earlier in VAT systems, the calculations are shown before we Accept in Govt. wesbite. Unfortunately in the July 17 implementation of GSTR3B, it isn't available in Aug17 and updated later. In my case, due to keyboard malfunctioning, "6" did not type in and submitted it. Unfortunately, I realized only when in Payment Screen where we set the taxes for state & central that there is a difference in my state tax. No one knows how to resolve this and no one to help me out as Submit in GST is irreversible. 

For Aug 17 GSTR3B, I failed to submit as July 17 GSTR3B was not filed. On 23rd Aug, GST Website allowed to resubmit GSTR3B for July 17. I was happy and corrected it immediately. No penalities. For Aug 17 GSTR3B. I had to pay 3x200 = Rs600 for late filing. How far is it correct?


I support to waive the penalties and train Business Personals to get used to GST system while the system undergoes continuous changes. As an when the system is fixed with no further reverses or updates, Govt can enforce with Penalties.


Mahaesh kumar watch_later 3 years, 4 months ago

Very good suggestion Sir,  I will also sign the petition

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    Thanks for supporting. Ask your friends and professionals to sign the petition. - GST Payer

GST Payer watch_later 3 years, 4 months ago

I have signed the petition. Everyone please sign the petition and share it on your facebook, whatsapp also.

It is a very much required step from government.

Tax payers have given full support to GST, now it is government who has to support tax payers.

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