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watch_later 3 years, 8 months ago

A friend of mine runs a coupons and deals site and is registered under his name. He just makes 10-11k per month. Is there any need to register for gst?
He annually claims his tds since his earnings do not crosses 2.5 lacs.

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    Clarify few point. Whether site that pays him is registered in same state or different state? - Pulkit Sharma
    Whether affiliate income is received from foreign company or Indian company? - Pulkit Sharma
    Site is registered in different state and in a couple of months they are willing to turn it into a cashback site, then how would the scenario change? - Rahul Giri
    Read the answer now. Edited, it becomes an interstate supply and in that case you have to obtain registration. - Pulkit Sharma
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Pulkit Sharma watch_later 3 years, 8 months ago

As far as GST registration is concerned. First let us analyse the conditions if fulfilled one has to compulsory register under GST. Below are the few main conditions, which relates to your line of business.

  • If supplies more than 20 lakhs in a financial year,
  • Engaged in interstate supply
  • E-commerce operator liable to collect tax at source
  • Selling on online portals liable to collect tax at source

Your turnover is not more than 20 lakhs.

You are not selling products through E-commerce operators.

You are not E-commerce operator.

But if the site to which you are providing service (the site which pays) is registered in different state in India , then you are making interstate supply. In that case you are liable for registration.

So first view is that you are liable for registration and should get the registration done.

Also refer GST on bloggers and adsense income

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