Gst On Online Advertisements Publishing By Selling Space On Website

Rajan Singh Sood
watch_later 3 years, 8 months ago

I am thinking to launch my online advertising website in july 2017, in which i am going to sell space on my website for anyone to publish their ads [Not free of cost, i will charge some money]. Do you think I have to register in GST and If yes, how much tax i have to pay according to the slots of GST?

Second thing, I really don't know that "will I get some publisher who would like to publish their ads on my website?". So do I have to register in GST before launching my Website or I can register after I start receiving some income from this website???


Rajan Singh

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    Did you read - Pulkit Sharma
    This will solve your issues. Better is to with GST registration, as due to RCM big companies or registered business would not like to deal with an unregistered person. - Pulkit Sharma

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