watch_later 04/12/17

I sell food products online on Zomato. So within state, I deliver food product. So it is delivery only restaurant. Can I charge flat 5% on product+delivery charge or I should charge 5% GST on product and 18% on delivery?

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watch_later 15/12/17

You can charge 5% on food+delivery.

As your principal product is food and not delivery.

watch_later 15/12/17

Thanks for your response.

I sell my food product (Chocolate Preparation) online only. When I sell it within state for orders received on zomato, I charge 5% GST as delivery only restaurant (with no ITC). I charge 18% on delivery (as Zomato does not carry out delivery) and claim ITC only on delivery.

However, when I sell this food product (Chocolate Preparation) on Amazon to other states, I charge 18% on Product sell and 18% on delivery.

Is it OK? Kindly guide.


watch_later 31/12/17

, I have got my GST no. in December and it will be first time that I will be filing the GSt return. I have small kitchen unit and make chocolate preparation and sell it to customers on e-commerce site, Zomato for Intra state customers and use site like Amazon for interstate sell. At times there are direct customers just across the border to whom also I have to supply products. Given the background, as per my understanding,

1) I have to pay tax, both for intra state and interstae revenue, fill chalan and pay tax after deducting ITC.

2) I will adjust ITC only against my interstate supply (12% Tax) and not against Intrastate revenue (5% Tax, being considered as delivery only restaurant on zomato)

3) I will fill Table 3.1 under column (a), as I have outward taxable supplies to customers (which are not zero or nil rated or exempted)

4) Do I have to fill Table 3.2 separately for supplies made on Amazon to Interstate customers or directly to some customers? I am not sure about this.

5) I also collect delivery charges separately, Do I pay 18% GST on delivery charge for intra state supply and claim ITC for this? If yes, under what SAC code I pay this GST. I am not sure about this part at all.

6) I have to fill table 4 for ITC under column (5) for All other ITC. Is it correct?

7) Fill Table 6

Please let me know whether I have to fill any other table/column, which I have missed out.

For GSTR-1

  1. I have to fill Table 7 (B2C Others) B)
  2. Do I have to fill Table 12, because I have only one HSN for my product, which I use only for inter state supply. If I have to fill Table 12, here I have to show only my Qty of inter state supply, Value of interstate supply and Integrated tax pyt.
  3. I don't have to fill table 13, as my supply is B2C. Is it correct?


Also for GSTR-1 , Do I have to fill any other table, kindly guide me. I will be grateful for your guidance.

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