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watch_later 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Sir, gst registered composite scheme dealer order for cancel of registration FORM GST REG-19 received dt.25/07/2019. Cancel of gst number after notice dt.20/01/2020 received GST DRC-01A see rule 142 (1A)  turnover Rs.24950/-

Tax and penalty,interest Rs.6518/- amount show in notice.

My doubt :

Cancel of gst number after notice show amount tax paid compulsory or no. gst  registered regular scheme dealer service provide DTH new connection and recharge service distributor. direct for home services(activation and easy recharge) service provide for fee/commission(activation and easy recharge) in gst act 

My doubts:

1.a person purchases instruments(invoices) itc claim eligible or no.

2.gst tax payble for sales turnover or commission  applicable.



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    If the customer purchase instruments for Business purpose then the itc claim is eligable, and gst tax payable on sale - JAYANTA MAJUMDER

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