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Basheer PM
watch_later 3 years, 2 months ago

The GST rate for Branded Natural Honey is 5% and the HSN is 04090000. One of the seller of Honey has developed a new product where Ginger or Cinnamon Extract is infused to the natural honey, to give it a distinct flavour. The infusion is to the extent of 0.5 to 1% by weight. The seller sells it as Honey with Ginger / Ginger Honey.

My Query is does this product comes under the same rate of Branded Natural Honey ( GST @5%) and have the same HSN Code of 04090000, OR then what is the correct classification and GST Rate

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    agmark coorg honey is exempt or 5% - Seethalakshmi Lakshmi
    Agmark is not a brand, it is a certification. Also Coorg is not a brand, but name of a place. So with the information given, we cannot know if it is BRANDED Honey or UNBRANDED Honey. - Basheer PM
    Please refer below Answer by Admin to know how to recognise BRAND - Basheer PM
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Pulkit Sharma watch_later 3 years, 2 months ago

Natural honey is still natural honey even if you mix, ginger into it unless it is chemically processed. Artificial honey is taxed at different rate. Otherwise natural honey is completely exempted and only branded and sold in a unit container is taxed.

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    For classification of Branded Honey, should the Brand be registered under Trade Mar, or any name would suffice - Basheer PM
    The name should be a registered trade-mark. - Pulkit Sharma
    *Brand - Pulkit Sharma
    Some customers buy honey from the honey manufacturer, in jars of 500gm, 1kg etc. No label is affixed. The customer would later put on his brand name and resell in his name. In this case, for the honey manufacturer will it be exempted sale or branded sale ? - Basheer PM
    Branded is only if name is registred as a trademark, otherwise it is not a brand name and GST rate is NIL. You can put name on jar no issue, but if name is a registered trademark then GST will be levied. - Pulkit Sharma
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