Gst Rate On Local Freight Outward & Its Charging Method

Ramashrey Singh
watch_later 3 years, 6 months ago

Dear Sir,

I have a question for GST RAte on Local Freight outward & what is the GST rate for it, is it exempt. for Example........

I Sale 10 boxes of Tiles to Consumer XYZ for Rs 500/per box & shows Freight outward @ 250/- for delivery of goods. i.e...........

Tiles - Taxable Amount = 10000/-

SGST @ 14% =  1400/-

CGST @ 14% =  1400/-

Total Amount  =  12800/-

Freight outward (Local Auto Freight for delivery of product) = 250/-

Total Bill Amount = 13050/-

is above entry is correct of any GST is also applicable on freight outward @ 250/- & if yes then what %

Please do the needful...........


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    Tiles - Taxable Amount = 10000/- Freight outward (Local Auto Freight for delivery of product) = 250/- Total Taxable Amount SGST @ 14% CGST @ 14% Total Amount  =   Total Bill Amount = 13120/- - Ajay Singh
    you have to add Freight Outward to your Material taxable value then you have to compute GST - Ajay Singh
    For further Enquiry Please feel free to call me 7351326814 - Ajay Singh
    Hi Ajay, refrain from giving you contact details in comments. Provide these details in your profile. If some one find it useful they will contact you from details in your profile. - Pulkit Sharma
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Pulkit Sharma watch_later 3 years, 6 months ago

 Yes GST is applicable on freight also. Please refer GST valuation provisions along with rules. I wrote 2 articles on this topic.

GST rate will be similar to rate applicable on your principal supply. In your case you have to charge 28% on freight. CGST - 14%, SGST-14%

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