Gst Tax Rate And Invoice Raising In Case Of Air Travel Agent

watch_later 3 years, 8 months ago

please read the below and advise
basic airfare-3000
fuel tax-1000
GST 5% charged by airline-150
total cost of air fare 4650 INR.
Now an agent booked this tkk for customer X and got 45 INR (50-tds 10%) as commission from airline.
Agent charged Mr X an extra 100 INR as his service fee . so mr X paid in all 4750 to agent. and agent paid 4750-100-45 = 4605 to the airline. 
now please advise for the agent, how much GST (rate and amount ) he has to pay to govt and on what value and how can the agent raise TAX invoice and on whose name ?
what all components in this case there should be mentioned in the customer-invoice given to customer
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    You have to Changed only on Rs.100 Which you have Charged Extra from Mr X @18% and on Rs.50 Commission @18% Charged from Airline - ABHAY KUMAR JAIN

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