Gst Billing On Godown Without Registration

watch_later 3 years, 1 month ago


I am jeeva. I just need to the details regarding GST Bill creation. Actually a car parking area is used as a godown for water cane distribution but whereas such person has a registered office in some other area. As of Reg.Office is concerned, we have to mention those details in the invoice. but for godown( which can't be registered in this case also there is no per day charges and no agreement relates to that) whether godown address can be taken as a shipping address in the invoice as per the above mentioned car parking case. But Kindly note that to mention the shipping address, there should be a godown run through the agreement and office registration and other stuffs..

Please clear my doubt ASAP.

I have to rate myself in this case. I hope office address alone is more than sufficient.

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    Your question is not clear. You are asking about billing distribution center for storing cane, or billing for other purchases by distributor? - Pulkit Sharma
    Its1st time GST Invoice Creation (format). above all, I am asking doubt on whether i should include shipping address if the case is like above - Jeeva

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