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M Mohammad
watch_later 3 years, 3 months ago

Dear Sir,

As a composition tax payer, after downloading GSTR 4 offline tools, Ihave filled in table no. 6 with turnover against 1% as we are trader and  other tables's invoice values, taxable  values and cess as 0 (zero) as no other tables are applicable to us. Validates all tables, no error. Get summary. Generated Jason file by clicking and saved it.
     Then, logged in gst portal, clicked Return Dashboard and after filing FY & period, clicked search. Clicked prepare offline, choose the file and opened it. It took time.
      It showed a table giving date, time, reference no , status and error report. Under status, it shows "Error Occured" and under Error Report, " File could not be loaded! Download the latest version of offline tools to generate the JASON file". I have again repeated the process, but getting the same remarks.

Please advice.

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