How To Pay Paypal Gst Invoice ?

Subhankar Dey Sarkar
watch_later 2 years, 9 months ago

Hello sir,I am from kolkata,i am a student and working for a website(affiliate program ),I earn monthly 30$ and paypal converted it and sent it to my bank acount. Today paypal send me a GST invoice of 221 rupees.. Do I have to pay that amount ? If yes then how can I pay the amount? Please give me a simple way to pay the amount.thanku

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    Yes, same case with me. I got an email regarding GST invoice from paypal. It has two amounts: One for unit price and second for IGST(18% of unit price) and then they sumed these amount as net amount.Can anyone explain how to pay this amount? I have searched a lot on google and paypal and found that they charge gst on paypal fee not on whole amount. But i am not understanding how they have calculated it? - aallha kahita
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GST Payer watch_later 2 years, 9 months ago

Paypal must have deducted this amount when they converted and transferred to your account. You need not to pay.

Most of the online transactions are on prepaid basis.

The invoice you received is for fee charged by Paypal.

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    hello Sir, i also have same quary that i have received one invoice from paypal of RS.740.75 for service charges for march'18 do i have to pay this amt ? - sanjivani D
    No, you don't have to pay this amount. I think Paypal already deducted this amount from your account. - GST Payer
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