Hsn Code And Tax Slab

watch_later 3 years, 8 months ago

Sir what is HSN code no. for Raksha Sutra Rakhi & Friendship bands..?

Further is this item exempted from Tax.?

If taxed than -"what is the exact item decription name [with HSN no.] WHICH CAN be used for exempted related items under same make..?

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    Hello Pulkit.I did not get Raksha Sutra or Kalava in ur HSN CODE SEARCH page.Kindly help me out. - HIREN MODI
1 Answer

Pulkit Sharma watch_later 3 years, 8 months ago

Hi Sir,

Please go to this link HSN code search and find the HSN code. Comment the code and I will edit answer with tax rate.

Rubber items under the code 4015 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories of rubber are taxed 18%.

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