Is Gst Registration Required?

Amit Jayant
watch_later 3 years, 2 months ago

I am an Android Applications Developer. I have my apps on Google Play Store which includes "Paid" apps and "Freemium (free apps with ads)" apps. I also offer in-app purchases inside my apps.

Users of my apps are from all over the world including India.

Currently i pay income tax on revenue generated by AdMob and through Google Play sales (paid app & in-app purchases).

Do i need to register for GST? If so, will i need to file 37 returns?


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    Its a shame that very few people knows about GST. Government is quick in implementing new things but very slow and poor in educating the citizens about it. Why can't they clearly state who is liable for GST on their website. And yes i am pissed ... - Amit Jayant

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