I.T. Return Filed Below Taxable Income In F.Y.2018-2019

watch_later 7 months, 2 weeks ago


One I.t. assess source of income below taxable limit in f.y. 2018-2019. A person previous savings amount cash Rs.10,50,000/- different dates deposits  in  bank sb account in f.y. 2018-2019.

My question:

A person I.t. return f.y.2018-2019 before March,2020  filed compulsory or no.

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1 Answer

Mukesh Solanki watch_later 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Your question is not clear, however what I can reply to you is if you make cash deposit above Rs.2,50,000/- in a year in savings account then information goes to Income tax dept through AIR U/s 285BA & department can send a notice. Better to file the ITR considering the full cash receipts. Now due date for filing of ITR is extended till 30/6/2020 due to covid.


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