Logo And Auto Print In Invoicing

Pulkit Sharma
watch_later 2 years, 4 months ago


So finally here is the new thing with invoice printing.

You can add logo in your invoice and also at time of creating invoice, you will have option to save and print.

Here is a quick video on using it. I have pushed changes right now. Please check and if any error, report them right here.

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Mukhtar Mohammad watch_later 2 years, 4 months ago

Today I have checked the new invoicing software and taken out a print of the new BOS. Excellent. I observed that all my suggestions ( except the roundoff error, which I have not checked ) have been takenup beautifully.
- Now the layout of the BOS/Invoice with Logo seems to be very good, information are placed beautifully.
- Purchased list is already covered in GSTR2 print.
- New Print Tab has been included. Now printing of Invoice can be done by clicking Print Button and not Control P.
Thank you very much, Sir. It's another step forward in meeting your mission.

Mukhtar Mohammad.

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    Thank you and please share this with all your friends and relatives. Bring more people on platform. - Pulkit Sharma
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