No Diwali And No Festivals In Festival Season For Accountants

Pulkit Sharma
watch_later 3 years, 5 months ago

Being a chartered accountant I can feel the pain, all of us will be undergoing in coming month.

We have tax audits lined up before us.

GST is another headache. Dates are extended, and in October we have all important and big festivals so staff will be on leave. It will be unjustified if we deprive them of celebrating festivals.

What are your plans and how you plan to celebrate festival, give time to your family and deal with GST and Tax audits at same time?

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    go out of india - priya makhija
    @Priya, that will be injustice with my skills acquired till now. That would be an attempt to start from scratch again :) - Pulkit Sharma
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ANIL RANADE watch_later 3 years, 5 months ago

Dear Sir,

1) If you have festivals as priorities do it, none has compelled you to work. forget about your responsibilities or qualifications & opportunities.

2) Of course there are teething troubles (in GST) but government is giving enough relaxations in implementing it. Why you treat it as headache, it implies lack of your competience. Professionals should guide clients & customers this is certainly not any rocket science technology or difficult to handle themselves. Onlything is you want benefits without accountability & having no working methods in time frame hence feeling punch of pressures.


Adv. Anil Ranade


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    You got it wrong. I am not saying to not help clients under GST. I am just discussing, how you plan to handle both things at same time. - Pulkit Sharma
    sir, really the gst was so complicated, the accountants are have so many doubts, but the respnse was nill ath the government help centers, they are telling you to go and ask to your auditor.pls take it easy. really it is going to easy. - Rama Mohana Rao Namburu
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