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watch_later 3 years, 2 months ago

As subscription agents of journal:

1.Publisher is in USA & publishes a monthly journal in Print + Online Format.  Online is offered as complimentary along with print subscription.  As agents, we are offered discount like 5% or 10% off the list price for selling to customer in India.  (Print + Online Free format)

Now will this be under GST tax.  Note, print journals are exempted.

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    This requires a little thought. I have 2 different opinions on this. Let me revisit the provisions of section 13 of IGST act to understand place of supply for an agent. (Affiliate income in your terms). - Pulkit Sharma
    You are paid in INR or foreign currency? - Pulkit Sharma
    Sir, we pay the foreign publisher in USD check, & inturn our cost are billed in Indian INR at prevailing exchange rate. - Kamal
    Example: say Journal of Graph Theory in Print + online free format costs 400USD, publisher offers at 5% discount, so we send international check USD 380 only. & bill the customer in India USD 400 full in INR. - Kamal

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