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watch_later 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hello I am Providing only IT Services Like a Dedicated Servers/VPS/Hosting Such services Similar To a my all clients 100% From a Foreign Locations like a Italy/USA etc...And i am from a india..

I Am Taking payments via Payonner/PayPal From such a oversea Clients...I Also have a LUT Registration+GST Number+Current Account+FIRC Assured by CITI Bank For PayPAl Payments..And have a IEC Registration.

At the same time i also have to purchase some services From Foreign Country like a UK/USA...I Purchase such services via My Credit Cards And Each month Paying a RCM of 18% For such Purchases..[My CA told me it will be Refundable..All paid RCM]

Even i applied for a GST Refund RFD-01....But the Officer Told me he want a Gross Amount FIRC...[PayPal/CITI Bank Official Told me they do issue only Inward Amount which you have received on yours bank....they Do not offer a Gross Amount FIRCs]


So Basically my problem is i applied for 4.16Lakh Refund [Refund Of ITC On Export Of Goods-Services  Without Payment of TAX]

But Officer Told me he will claim 3.16Lakh here i do not know why he deducting 1 Lakh....Even i provided each month PayPal Provided GST Invoices but still

Can You Please suggest me now what i have to do??


Really Worried about my GST Refund since its almost 1L Loss...Directly


Waiting for yours Quick Update...Solution

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