Place Of Supply For Goods For B2b Transactions

watch_later 3 years, 7 months ago

Dear Sirs,

The subject product is an industrial product and all our supplies are only B2B.

Would be thankful to clarify on place of supply on the following scenarios

Instance : 1

Billed to outside state but the customer collects the goods at the factory gate in his own vehicle.

Instance : 2

2. Billed to outside state but the customer takes care of the transportation of goods and arranges a road carrier and the freight would be paid by him and even the amount of freight is not known to us. This carrier collects the goods for the customer at our factory gate and we deliver it based on the consignment docket of the goods transporter.

Sir, we are asking for these clarifications as the law states that if there is movement of goods even if it is by the recipient the registered place of the recipient is to be considered as the place of supply.

But it is also stated that the place of supply would the place where the delivery to the recipient terminates.

In the above two instances we are not sure on how the provisions should be applied and on what basis.

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