Rectification In Gstr 1

Rama Mohana Rao Namburu
watch_later 3 years, 2 months ago

good morning sir. 

I have already submitted gstr 3b for august . I have recently submitted the august gstr1 . I have wrongly submitted in gstr 1. excess 2000 tax. how can i rectify the same with gstr 3b. is it ;possible to rectify? kindly answer . GSTR 3B IS CORRECT. GSTR 1 SUBMITTED WITH WRONG AMOUNTS

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1 Answer

GST Payer watch_later 3 years, 2 months ago

Once filed you cannot do anything. Ask your buyer to reject the particular invoice when GSTR-2 opens. He can reject and file the correct invoice details and you need to accept those details in GSTR-1A.

This can be done only after once GSTR-2 is made available post March 2018.

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