watch_later 23/10/17

my supplier is filing return with Rounded up TAXABLE Value. i.e.( for example-

he raises invoice for

Taxable value:  2388.30 + CGST14%  334.36 + SGST14%  334.36  +R/o  (-).02 = Total  3057.00

where as he is rounding off the taxable Value while uploading the invoices and my GSTR 2

showing the data as below i.e.

Total Invoice Value :  3057.00  Taxable value:  2388.00 + CGST14%  334.32 + SGST14%  334.32

PLEASE NOTE  that change in taxable value also changed the tax amount , both CGST and SGST.

there are 30-35 invoices per month and the supplier are two different companies (MNC), and every invoice is uploaded in this manner.

Please suggest urgently , what should I do, should I edit the Invoice Details or accept it as it is . Please reply URGENT.

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watch_later 23/10/17

I think you can accept the return as it is.

In case of MNC's once they follow a system, it is hard to change their system.

However you can have a word with your supplier to file return with taxable value instead of value after rounding off.

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