Section 87 - Liability in case of amalgamation or merger of companies of CGST ACT, 2017

                87. (1) When two or more companies are amalgamated or merged in pursuance of an
order of court or of Tribunal or otherwise and the order is to take effect from a date earlier to
the date of the order and any two or more of such companies have supplied or received any
goods or services or both to or from each other during the period commencing on the date
from which the order takes effect till the date of the order, then such transactions of supply
and receipt shall be included in the turnover of supply or receipt of the respective companies
and they shall be liable to pay tax accordingly.
                   (2) Notwithstanding anything contained in the said order, for the purposes of this Act,
the said two or more companies shall be treated as distinct companies for the period up to the
date of the said order and the registration certificates of the said companies shall be cancelled
with effect from the date of the said order.

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