watch_later 20/07/18

High Court of Madhya Pradosh has imposed a penalty of Rs. 1.53 crore on Gati Kintetsu Express Pvt Ltd for not providing PART-B details in E-way Bill.

Gati expressed concern over technology failure for not able to update part-B of Eway bill, however department argued that there was no written communication by GATI regarding issue and if there was any issue GATI should have reported grievance to department.

Court observed that technical glitch given as an excuse has no merit and accordingly passed order or 1.53 fine on GATI.

This case will bring more awareness among tax payers and taking Eway bill lightly is going to be a big mistake.

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watch_later 20/07/18

But what if there was really a technical glitch.

Eway bill portal or GST return filing website, both have issues. No one answers even if you report your grievances at helpdesk.

Business cannot be stopped just because there is a technical glitch.

Here though GATI lost case and legally the decision is right but morally and ethically our government and department, GSTN has failed.


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