watch_later 26/07/18

From last 2 days I am not seeing the option to e-verify my it return with Aadhaar OTP.

Why the option to verify return with Aadhaar is removed?

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watch_later 26/07/18

*Aadhar OTP E-verification for ITR is temporarily down*

25 July 2018

The Aadhar OTP E-verification option used for Income Tax Return verifications has been made temporarily unavailable for taxpayers. The same will be resumed shortly. The Taxpayers are advised to file their returns and e-verify the same through other options, such as:

Net Banking
Pre-Validated Bank Account
Pre-Validated Demat Account
Also, please note that the e-verification for the Income Tax Return can be done within 120 days from Filing of Return. Therefore, the taxpayers are advised to wait till the Aadhar OTP options is resumed or use the alternate options.

Update: Aadhaar OTP is working fine now.


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