watch_later 27/09/17

a Customer has given me advance payment on 15/9/2017 but we are going to deliver the material on 10/10/2017. so I decided to raise the bill against advance payment but customer want bill on 10/10/2017 when we will deliver the material

here i now that i have to pay tax on advance payment. so i created advance receipt so my question is, i have give customer copy of advance receipt and Tax invoice also for ITC.

or I have creat advance receipt for my record only , and only Tax invoice copy to Customer so that he can avail for ITC


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watch_later 29/09/17

You need to create Receipt voucher for your reference and you can give it to customer also.

However based on advance receipt, customer will not get input credit.

You have to pay GST on advance receipt and you can adjust this in October when you raise actual invoice.


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