watch_later 14/02/20

I have a query in filing gst return of a amazon seller. In gstr 2a there are no details of inward supplies so how credit of GST will be taken and how returns are to be filed. Please help soon because already due date of gstr1 has gone.

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watch_later 17/02/20

You can generate the reports from sellers login in amazon portal. You will get all the details of Sales, Commission & other expenses on the sales made, GST on the same. The expenses part will also get uploaded on monthly basis in GSTR 2A if the seller has given his GST details to Amazon.


watch_later 17/02/20

You will also get the Invoice for the same from Amazon. It will uploaded in GSTR 2A by Amazon.


watch_later 09/03/20

Every month end, amazon will generate a GST Invoice to the Seller. This invoice will have the commission charges, Shipping charges, marketplace fees,  (around 4-6 heads). This invoice is usually sent to the registered email of the Amazon Seller. Alternatively the Amazon seller can download the same from his seller login under Reports -> Tax document Library -> Seller Fee Invoices.

Please also note that the Amazon seller  needs to deduct TDS on the above invoices and deposit the same. Once he submits the Form 16A is submitted to Amazon, they will reimburse the same


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