watch_later 21/08/17

Dear Sir,

 I forgot to account an Invoice and by mistakenly filed Gstr3b. 

missed that invoice and paid tax only for the all other invoices. Pls advise now how to amend the Gstr3b and pay the tax for the invoice?

Is there any option for that?

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watch_later 22/08/17

You need not worry.

You have to file GSTR-1 correctly.

The system will do auto reconciliation and Tax Liability, If any shall be paid at that time.

It is suggested that make payment of Actual GST taxes and maintain balance in your cash ledger as per your actual liability.

watch_later 22/09/17


I received the purchase bill late due to which I unable to take input of IGST, so how can I make amendment ? plz suggest


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