watch_later 10/01/18

GST portal is not working properly and we are not able to file returns on time on this last day.

What you can do to save late filing fee?

Well here is a trick to save late filing fee.

As you know if you missed to submit an invoice detail in GSTR-1 or filed nil return, you can give these invoice details in next month GSTR-1.

So, if you are not able to save the invoice details, file nil return and provide details in next month or quarter returns.

This is out of box thinking and apply at your own risk.

Hope it saves some late filing fee.

Your opinion are welcome.

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watch_later 10/01/18

I do not think there is any issue in this method. You are filing GSTR-1 and government has allowed submitting invoices in next return.

The issue could arise if liability is not settled in GSTR-3 but we are not filing GSTR-3 but instead GSTR-3B right now and liability is already paid.

This is possible I think.

watch_later 10/01/18

I am GST consultant in Baroda Gujarat, in my view this is not right approach, On the contrary, our association should represent this issue strongly. 

watch_later 10/01/18

Hitler government!! Everything is a mess. Pathetic server stability. I'm stuck on Error "Unable to Generate GSTR summary". I tried refreshing but no success. 


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