watch_later 19/03/21

I want to sell online bead fashion jewellery. Do I need GST?


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watch_later 20/03/21

Yes you need GST number to start selling online.

First, portals like Amazon, Flipkart require GST registration. To register with these portals you have to get registered under GST.

Further if you are selling offline, then you need not register till your revenue touch 40 lakhs in a year.

Yes, you need a valid GST number if you want to sell online on any e-commerce platform. You will need to provide a valid GST invoice whenever a customer purchases your product. Currently, we are using Zubizi GST accounting software to manage all our GST related work. Using it is very easy. It has a super easy invoicing system. You can Generate an invoice with few clicks. They have a free trial on their website. And pricing is very affordable. Visit their website for more info. 


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