watch_later 08/03/18

I am a tax consultant and have many clients.

It has become difficult to manage GST filing for each client.

I am looking for a good GST software to manage my clients GST filing.

Can you provide list of best GST software to file GST returns?

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watch_later 08/03/18

There are many software available in market for GST return filing.

However I will recommend to use offline utilities or filing directly on GST website if your clients have very limited transactions.

Having a GST software makes sense only if your clients have huge volume of transactions say more than 100 transactions in a month.

Even GSTN and council are discussing on making return simple and in that case matching of invoices may go away, and you might be get relieved of matching and mismatching issues.

Once returns are made simple, you will not require any software for filing GST returns.

However, coming to your question, here are the top famous GST return filing software (I do not use any of them and they will become useless after returns are made simple).

  1. Winman GST
  2. KDK GST
  3. Cleartax GST
  4. Taxmann
  5. Zoho
  6. Gen GST Software by SAG infotech
  7. SaralGST
  8. JioGST
  9. SahiGST
  10. GST own offline utilities

I have listed the famous one and it does not mean they are best one.

I have used Winman GST software and found it to be better than others.

If you want my recommendation then go for Winman GST, its better than one I have listed above.

watch_later 08/03/18

I agree with answer given by GST Payer. There are many GST return filing software.

More than 40 companies have registered as GSP and this list is ever increasing. So with a simple calculation you will find more than 40 GST return filing software.

But question is do you really need a software to file GST return?

In my opinion, companie with huge transaction volume should use a software. As on writing this answer it makes sense to use GST return filing software.

But as we can guess from recent meetings, GST council is serious on making GST return filing an easy process.

Soon we will have a single return instead of 3 returns.

In single return we will be required to provide details of sales and purchases which are currently provided in GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 separately.

Once this is done, we will not have to worry about matching exercise, GST server will automatically match purchase invoices with suppliers data and give any mismatch.

Currently we are concerned about time consumed in matching of purchase invoices, this activitiy will be taken care by GST server itself.

So, I can say do not use any software for time being, still if you need one then go for Winman GST. It is free for time being.

After return are made simple, this will be done shortly, you will not require any software.

We were doing same thing in Karnataka, we had to upload sales and purchase invoice details and system used to match them. We never required any software here under VAT, so I don't think we will require any software under GST also.

All these GSP will find it tough to sell their software for indirect taxes as most of them will become irrelevant and competition will be high. Don't go with marketing tactics. GST will be Good and Simple tax in very short time.

Final conclusion

Don't use any software. If you still want to use go with WINMAN GST software, I use it for few clients, it's easy to use.

But in long run once it starts charging I will stick to offline utilities, anyhow within few months we will have very simple returns and most of processing and time consuming tasks will be done directly by GST servers.

watch_later 27/07/18

The concept of One Nation One Tax is a breakthrough in the indirect tax regime. It has simplified the process of indirect taxation and has compelled the businesses to keep pace with the GST regime at the same time. Hence, the need of the hour is to go for the best GST software that would make working on GST a cakewalk.

Here, I am sharing with you a list of the best GST software in India. Hope it will help you out.

  • HostBooks GST
  • JioGST
  • Tally ERP
  • Zoho GST
  • ProfitBooks
  • Cleartax GST
  • Taxmann
  • Gen GST Software
  • SaralGST
  • SahiGST

Well, you are definitely spoilt for choice! But, it’s really important to go for the GST software that saves your valuable time, increases your proficiency and helps you stay ahead of the curve come what may. So, choose wisely.

I have my own garment shop, so filing GST is something that I do every month. From the very beginning, we are using Zubizi GST Software. It is one of the most novice-friendly software which I ever used for GST filing. Even without any accounting knowledge, I can file GST return with ease, thanks to Zubizi GST Software. You can completely customise the software for your industry. Do check them out if you are into GST filing. They offer a free trial also.


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