watch_later 18/12/17

Where you will be investing in 2018? What are the best investment ideas for 2018?

Let us discuss the investment options in available in 2018 and which one should be selected for good returns?

Everyone of you reading this please list down your preferred investment option.

Here are my favorite investment options for 2018:

  • Stock Market: Yes, I am very positive on Indian economy and believe that stock market will perform better in coming years.
    As of now stock market is at life time high, but I will wait until some correction happens.
    I do not prefer mutual funds, but will invest directly in stock market. I am planning to invest 25% of my savings in stock market.
  • Cryptocurrency: Let me tell you this is very risky. Invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin at your own risk. I will not invest any major amount in this but will try how it works.
  • Real Estate: I hate investing in real estate. Golden years of real estate investment are gone.
    Indian real estate market performed really well from 1991 to 2010. But now I do not believe that we see any major return on real estate in next 5-10 years. In fact I believe real estate bubble is going to burst soon in India.
    It is really impossible for a middle class person to own a house in India. Bubble has to burst.
  • PPF: Those in employment have PF accounts and save for retirement, but self-employee do not have this option. I am planning to invest in PPF as it is best for long term and insolvency free.
  • FD: I am in my late 20s, and FD looks bit odd. But every market looks at life time high, so will park most of savings in FD and withdraw whenever stock market corrects or other investment opportunity appears.

What is your opinion.

Share your investment ideas, lets help each other.

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watch_later 18/12/17

We have following investment options in India.

Stock Market

Stock market as of now seems to be at life time high. However looking at the positive economic indicators once can assume that market will further fly high. It can be considered a good investment idea.

Real Estate

Do not investment in mahanagars (metro cities), but Tier 2 cities are best if you want to see growth. But even I do not see any improvement in real estate conditions in next 5 years.

Debts, Bank deposits etc.: If you don't have enough money to invest in Real estate and don't like taking risk than Debts and Bank deposits are the best options for you.

watch_later 18/12/17

You have come up with a perfect thread at the perfect time. I am working on a tool to analyse and suggest investment strategy according to age and other status.

However coming to the topic, I believe it is very important for everyone to start investing.

To be frank as of now, I do not have any investment. I have invested heavily in myself :)

I invested in learning new skills which includes coding. I believe the best investment is one which will increase your earning capacity.

In 2018, I do not plan to invest any money in any investment option (have some personal commitments). However if had extra money to invest, I would have continued with my old investment ideas.

  • Stock Market: I believe no other investment idea can beat the inflation risk as effectively as stock market. It is risky but risk is worth investment. Only care you have to take is not investing in wrong business.
  • Gold: Believe it or not due to demonetisation, many bought gold in black market and I do not believe in next 5 years return on Gold investment will be higher than inflation rate.
  • Real Estate:  I agree with you real estate is dead for this decade. What if government decides to act on Benami properties, property prices will further go down. Planned to buy few plots but real estate rates are at unbelievable level. I wonder how rates are decided. I land located on main road will ever be able to return its investment other than capital appreciation which is crazy.
    I will avoid real estate in 2018 for 2 reasons:
    • High prices
    • Government uncertainity (If government starts linking properties with Aadhaar, prices will go down.)
watch_later 19/12/17

My investment idea for 2018 does not include stock market which is very risky at this point of time. However if you prefer stock market then look for sector which has not rallied till now for example pharma is a non performing sector as of now.

You can invest in pharma sector.

Other all stocks have rallied and sitting at very high point.

PSU companies are also attractive.

Other than stock market this year I am going to invest in long term pension schemes and PPF is sure shot for that.


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